Give the people of the Left the safe spaces they want.


Seemingly the worst knock-on effect of Britain’s vote to leave the EU is a new push, by Scotland’s pushy leader Nicola Sturgeon, for Scottish independence. The left-leaning US media fear and loathe Brexit for its defiance of the globalist establishment—of which these media are part—and gloatingly have made the prospect of a tit-for-tat “Scexit” from the UK appear both likely and dire.


In fact, Scottish independence, though far from a sure thing at this point, would be the best thing to happen to England and the rest of the UK for a long, long time. The Scots are far to the left of England politically, contributing 56 mostly socialist MPs to the UK Parliament in Westminster; and they have other cultural traits, such as awful cuisine, unhealthy lifestyles, high violent crime rates, and rampant welfare dependency, whose influence their “less progressive” English, Welsh and Northern Irish neighbors would be happier without.


More importantly, the separation of Scotland would serve as a paradigm for the general sequestration—in their own “safe spaces” one might say—of populations over which the Left has become dominant.

These populations might include, just for example, those of the urban, coastal USA: diverse and vibrant mixes of young, university-educated progressives, Old Left socialists, inner-city Democrats-for-life, and the multicultural gangs that set upon people who dare attend Donald Trump rallies. At present, despite having established dominance in the media, government and academia, and despite having the blissful certainty that History is on their side, these fragile progressive souls continue to experience oppression, even traumatization, by the contrary voices of the recalcitrant Right. Therefore let the Right oppress and traumatize the Left no more. Let it cut the Left loose to live according to its own means. Let freedom ring!