For helping to put America’s broken political system out of its misery.


As the philosopher said, it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future. In the case of Donald Trump, though, one possible future presents itself obviously. This is a future in which America is indeed helped to become “great” again, just as Trump promises—but through a very different course of events than the one that he and his followers presently imagine.

First and most likely, Trump becomes the Republican candidate for President.

Second, also quite likely, he campaigns against Hillary Clinton and loses—due to some sort of meltdown, perhaps in a debate, or a damning revelation, or simply a reluctant recognition by many of Trump’s followers, as November 8 nears, that she, however despised, is more presidential than he.

Third, Clinton’s presidency (coinciding at the start with an economic downturn) will see a sharp rise in civil unrest. Conservatives and other dissidents, having just endured eight painful years of a history-is-with-us progressive in the White House, will have no patience left, and will start to think and talk seriously about the secession of certain Red States. Other Americans will expatriate in record numbers. Rebellious acts against the government will proliferate. America’s enemies, in Mosul and Moscow, Beijing and Tehran, will look for, and surely find, ways to exploit and worsen the situation.

Finally a crisis and collapse will come that, if Americans are lucky, will lead to a new start and a better future for the country, or countries.

If they’re lucky. But thanks to Donald Trump, who has energized and mobilized a massive anti-establishment movement, all this can happen sooner and perhaps less catastrophically than it would have otherwise.