How far will the Obama White House go to pander to women?

Obama probably won’t ever really use the US military against Russia, or China, or North Korea, or Syria, or any opponent (however evil) that could kill significant numbers of US soldiers. But yeah, especially now in an election year, he’ll use US troops to solve a Nigerian law enforcement problem.

Because the headlines scream at him to do something, something, oh my god, girls—schoolgirls!—being kidnapped, by a bad, bad man over in Africa! Even the New York Times (editor Jill Abramson) felt compelled to put an editorial on the front page of its digital edition.

And what better, cheaper way to grab some more of the women’s vote in America, now that the whole “Republican War on Women” theme seems to have gone tired and saggy, than to send in American special forces on an Empathy Mission to rescue some African schoolgirls? The military might seem an odd tool for pandering to women, but really it’s ideal, since playing politics with American troops hasn’t (in practice) required the the consent of Congress, for decades now.

Et voila…

Needless to add, Obama and his staffers probably don’t care about the effects of their politics-playing on US troops’ morale. But it wouldn’t surprise me if an American general or two, or three, in the face of such bullshit in recent years, hasn’t at least considered saying fuck this and organizing a coup.


P.S.  An intrepid NYT reader asks a question:

Explanation above, michjas.


P.P.S.  Michelle Obama, nicely illustrating my argument…