No witch unburned…

The bewitchment-accusation hysteria that began at Salem in the late 1600s eventually collapsed of its own, ever-more-elaborate absurdity. It may be unrealistic to hope that modern PC hysteria is about to do the same, but we are without a doubt getting into some seriously absurd witch-huntery these days.

One might have thought that Americans, as descendants of the New England Puritans, would lead the way in this craziness. But no, the British PC cadres are giving the Yanks a run for their money, in an outbreak that may end up taking down that paragon of guythink, Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson, normally fairly defiant when something he says sends the PC hysterics into a tizzy, is on his knees this time—he can smell the torch-smoke outside his door.

And while the absurdity of all this is apparent even to some readers of the left-wing Guardian

…the BBC, Clarkson’s employer, has its finger firmly in the wind…

…and again, even if he survives, the sad fact is that these hysterias sell newspapers (or digital ads or however these rags stay afloat), and give certain politicians and professional outrageists a soapbox to stand on for a media cycle or two—so no, they’re not going away anytime soon.