Though predictable I suppose, it still seems a shame that the Pulitzers this year passed over science journalist (and physician) Elisabeth Rosenthal. Her series on America’s utterly insane health care system has been excellent and ought to have won something. The story also wasn’t handed to her on a platter (or a DVD) as the NSA stuff was handed to the Post and Guardian.

The $2.7 trillion medical bill.

American way of birth, costliest in the world.

In need of a new hip, but priced out of the US.

The soaring cost of a simple breath.

As hospital costs soar, a single stitch tops $500.

Patients’ costs skyrocket, specialist incomes soar.

Even small medical advances can mean big jumps in bills.

The series is ongoing so maybe next year it’ll win. On the other hand, it might be one of those stories that a lot of people just ignore. Someone else—their employer, or the government—pays for their medical insurance, so why should they care?